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ICT4Ag - TROTRO Tractor's Position

According to Ghana's mobile use regulator, National Communications Authority (NCA), the number of mobile phone users in Ghana rose to 26.09 million at the end of January 2013 from 25.62 million a month earlier. The import, mobile phones are indispensable in the life of every citizen. Lets note this that this include smallholder farmers.

TROTRO Tractor upon realization of this stepped in to tackle a long managed problem in agriculture which has to do with access to agricultural mechanization. This is an Agricultural Startup company registered in Ghana. Their model allows all without discrimination to access their service irrespective of the make or model of phone being used. This is because on does not need special app, call credit, internet access or sophisticated device.

The magic code is *714*85#. Once dialed, this self-service takes you through the procedure to pre-request and pay for any of the services on the platform. Amazingly all conventional mobile phones support this ser…
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TROTRO Tractor taking mechanization to a new level

Today technology is unavoidable in the different sectors of any economy in the world. The impact is very evident in agriculture. In Ghana presently, a team of young agripreneurs (entrepreneurs in agriculture) are out with an innovation in the agriculture. Their mission is simply to connect smallholder farmers to tractors and other processing machinery.  Problem The company has as its name TROTRO Tractor. The word 'trotro' is a Ghanaian word for public transport which is patronize by many due to its availability, accessibility and affordability. In the same vane, TROTRO Tractor is poised at making mechanization services available, accessible and affordable to her clients. These equipment are expensive to own and maintain and almost impossible for smallholder farmers who cultivate an average of two (2) acres to own theirs.
There is also a big gap when you consider the ratio of tractor to farmer in Ghana. According to the FAO Stat report, the tractor-farmer ratio in the country sta…